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What is psychotherapy ?

Psychotherapy is a directed process of raising awareness, alleviating suffering and transforming selected contents of an individual's experiential world, which they usually perceive as unpleasant, disruptive or disturbing. It is based on interpersonal characteristics of the therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist, characterised by elements of openness, presence, compassion, trust and respecting the individual's experience, as well as on professional use of selected clinical methods to encourage and contribute to the process of achieving the client's chosen changes in behaviour, thinking, feeling and other personality traits.

Who is it for?

Psychotherapeutic treatment can help a suffering person with various forms of mental suffering, such as increased feelings of anguish (anxiety), fearful anticipation, feeling of being threatened, excessive fear (phobia), irritability (feeling upset or distressed, anger, rage), deep sadness (depression), despair, lack of will, feeling of meaninglessness and existential void, emotional indifference, insomnia, eating disorders, difficulties in interpersonal relationships (family, partner, etc.), sexual disorders, consequences of being exposed to a variety of life-threatening circumstances (car accident, violence, abuse, loss of a loved one, divorce, death, loss of material goods, etc.), problems with addiction (alcohol, illicit drugs, medicines, gambling, excessive Internet use, pornography, etc.) and other problems.

How does it take place?

We set the date for the introductory appointment by phone or email. At the introductory session, you present your problems, hardships or reasons for deciding to seek professional help. I will describe the way I work as a psychotherapist and outline the basic course of our psychotherapeutic treatment. Together we will agree on the goals you want to achieve in therapy, determine the frequency of our online therapy sessions (usually once per week, if necessary twice per week) and conclude a written therapeutic agreement.​


After this introductory session, we will begin our therapeutic work. The duration of (online) psychotherapeutic treatment depends on the set therapeutic goals and the process of establishing the relationship between the client and the therapist, but usually it takes half a year or more.


I treat all client information obtained during the course of their psychotherapeutic treatment as confidential and ensure its adequate protection in accordance with the existing legislation.

What is ONLINE psychotherapy?

Psychotherapeutic treatment by using an online telecommunication tool is an alternative form of psychotherapy which can be used in exceptional circumstances as a possible replacement for conventional direct personal psychotherapy or as an adjunct to an ongoing treatment. It is similar to the direct personal psychotherapeutic treatment, except that the session takes place at an agreed time in a secure online therapy room where the therapist and the client communicate through a video call.


In accordance with my commitment to confidentiality and appropriate protection of client information, I currently provide online psychotherapy services by using the Whereby online telecommunication tool, which enables secure video communication between two or more users in compliance with the GDPR Directive. 

Who is ONLINE psychotherapy for?

Psychotherapeutic treatment by using an online telecommunication tool can help an individual with various forms of mental suffering. It is especially intended for those who, for various reasons and circumstances, find it more difficult to seek appropriate direct professional help in their local environment, namely:

  • individuals who live and work abroad and want psychotherapeutic treatment in their mother tongue,  

  • employees who, due to the nature of their work, often travel and have a very unpredictable schedule,

  • individuals who live too far from the therapist's office and for whom weekly commuting would present too much of a burden,

  • pregnant women or young mothers, for whom online psychotherapeutic treatment presents a simpler and more comfortable solution,

  • individuals who cannot leave their home due to illness or disability,

  • individuals who prefer such type of communication in psychotherapeutic treatment for other personal reasons.

ONLINE psihoterapija
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Sign up for an introductory meeting

If you want to sign up for an introductory meeting or are interested in more about psychotherapy, click on the "Book your appointment" button, choose the form of delivery (in person or online), book a free appointment and fill out the contact form.

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