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Price list


50 € I 50 min

An introductory session before beginning of the psychotherapeutic process, aimed at getting to know each other.


70 € I 50 min

Long-term psychotherapeutic treatment for individuals.


125 € I 90 min

Long-term psychotherapeutic treatment for couples.


70 € I 50 min

Individual psychotherapeutic treatment by using an online telecommunication tool.


90 € I 120 min

Introduction to the theory and practice of basic contemplative skills and methods for cultivating compassion, mindfulness and gaining insight.


In four steps to the introductory meeting


Click below on the "Book your appointment" button and choose the format of the introductory meeting

I offer you an introductory meeting in person (live) or online using a telecommunications tool. Select the form of execution and click on the "Continue" button.


Choose a free appointment

You will be redirected to the calendar, where you can select the desired free appointment. Select the day and free time of the meeting and click on the "Continue" button.


Enter your contact details and describe your problems

Fill in the contact information and describe in more detail your problems, hardships or questions that led you to seek psychotherapeutic help. After filling in all the required fields, click on the "Confirm" button and complete the appointment booking process.

You will receive a confirmation of your appointment via e-mail and SMS, which will contain detailed instructions on how to access the meeting location.


Mark the appointment in your calendar and attend the introductory meeting

At the agreed time, take part in an informative meeting, where you will have the opportunity to outline in more detail the hardships and open questions that prompted you to consider the possible start of regular psychotherapy treatment, and after the meeting you can decide whether you would like to start treatment.

You will receive an invoice for the introductory meeting to your e-mail address after the service has been performed.

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Start your journey to yourself

I provide psychotherapeutic services in a well-organized therapeutic space within the Center for Personal Growth and Psychotherapy - CORP at Trg MDB 5, in Ljubljana. By prior agreement, I also conduct therapy via online video call. I offer services in Slovenian, English, Croatian and Serbian.

If you want to sign up for an introductory meeting or are interested in more about psychotherapy, click on the "Book your appointment" button, choose the form of delivery (in person or online), book a free appointment and fill out the contact form.

Navodila CORP

Where are face-to-face meetings held?


Workspace location

Personal meetings are held in the premises of the Center for Personality Development and Psychotherapy - CORP at Trg MDB 5 (basement-ground floor), in Ljubljana.


Ring the bell at the patio door

The offices are located across the street from the MDB parking lot in an old town villa with a red patio door.


To open the gate, you must ring the "CORP" bell next to the pedestrian gate, which is located next to the car gate.


Location accessibility

If you are traveling to the location by public transportation, the following access options are nearby:

  • Bicike(lj) bicycle station Trg MDB;

  • LPP bus station Tobačna;

  • LPP bus station Aškerčeva;

  • Intercity bus station Tivolska;

  • Ljubljana Tivolska railway station.


If you are traveling to the location by car, you can park in the nearby streets or at one of the nearby paid public parking lots, namely:

  • MDB parking lot;

  • Mirje parking lot;

  • Administrative unit parking lot.


Ring the doorbell

Proceed to the front door of the house and ring the "CORP" bell again. The premises are located in the basement of the house.

Navodila Whereby

How to enter the online therapy space?


Make an appointment to meet.

We can arrange an introductory meeting by phone or e-mail. At the agreed appointment, you then use the Whereby tool to connect to the online therapy space and start a video call. No user registration or hardware installation is required to use the mentioned tool, all you need is a working camera, microphone and an up-to-date web browser.


Adjust camera and microphone usage as needed.

If your browser has not yet used your computer's camera and microphone online, click on the "Request permissions" button and allow your browser to use them.


Click on the video camera icon and enter your name.

At the agreed time for the appointment, click on the "Online therapeutic space" button below. The link will take you to the Whereby website. Enter your name in the box there and click "Continue".


Knock on the online door and start meeting.

Click on the "Knock" button and knock on the online door. The online therapy space is locked for security purposes, so you can only enter it fully once I approve your entry after your knock. Once your entry is approved, the application will automatically drop you into the online therapy space and you will begin the session.

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